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Office Cover

What is Office Cover?

Office Cover protects the items you need to run your business, computers, phones, printers and furniture. It can protect these items at your place of work and also when you take them with you on business, and typically covers loss, theft or damage.

What can I expect from my Policy?

In the event of a claim, you will have direct access to a qualified claims team who will be able to assist and guide you through what can be a stressful time.

Your policy will be bespoke to the services your firm provides to clients, however the majority of our policies provide the following coverage:

Office Contents Cover

Insures your company for theft, property damage to contents at your organisation’s premises.

Contents – Away from the Office

Your policy can be extended to include items whilst away from the office.  This can include whilst traveling, conferences and exhibitions, items left at your home and also money held in conjunction with your organisation’s professional services.

Reconstitution of electronic and non-electronic data

Insurers will contribute to costs in reconstituting your organisation’s data required for the delivery of your professional services.

Lock Replacement and Loss Prevention

Insurers will contribute to the cost your organisation incurs in replacing locks and keys needed to maintain security at your organisations premises. Insurers may also pay reasonable costs towards loss prevention that you incur to protect contents both at your premises and away from your premises.

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