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Directors & Officers Cover

What is Directors & Officers Insurance?

D&O insurance provides protection to the directors and officers of a company in carrying out and executing their duties as a director and in their fiduciary duties. Directors have a duty of care to their organisation both morally and legally and claims can be brought against individual named directors.

Alleged or wrongful actions by a named director can include mis-reporting of accounts, HR and employment claims, reporting errors or tax investigations. The cover we arrange protects individual directors from claims by employees, shareholders or regulators and authorities.

What can I expect from my Policy?

In the event of a claim, you will have direct access to a qualified claims team who will be able to assist and guide you through what can be a stressful time.

Damages and Claims Expenses

Insurers will indemnify any director or officer for damages and claims expenses which such director or officer shall become legally liable to pay.

Organisation Protection

Insurers will indemnify your organisation for damages and claims expenses to pay as indemnification to a director or officer.

Crisis Management

Insurers will pay emergency costs to help protect the reputation and standing of the business in the event of a claim.

Court Attendance

Insurers will contribute towards costs for your attendance in court based on a day-rate.

Tax Investigation Expenses

Insurers will contribute to towards tax investigation expenses on behalf of any director or officer incurred during the policy period.

Regulatory Investigation Costs

Insurers will contribute to reasonable and necessary fees, costs and expenses for a director or officer in any investigation, examination or inquiry or similar proceedings.

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