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PI Insurance: Balancing Price, Service and Coverage

August 2, 2017

Most insurance adverts on television these days sadly focus on one thing: price!. . As business people we know, that the vast majority of successful market leading businesses are rarely the cheapest. Kellogg’s Corn Flakes outsells every other brand ten to one, yet it is the most expensive brand?. . Ask yourself, do you wear the cheapest clothes you could buy [Read Full Article]

Why more private investigation firms are choosing ProfilePI

July 15, 2017

ProfilePI is a leading provider of business insurance to Private Investigators and those working in the field of security.. . We are proud to support a range of former police staff and cyber security experts working in business, many following distinguished service in the police and other services.. . For many years, ProfilePI has been slowing building our clients in this field [Read Full Article]

What Mortgage Brokers need to know when arranging PII

May 31, 2017

ProfilePI has been placing mortgage brokers PI cover for a number of years with access to markets and our own exclusive scheme.. . Our MD Scott Clay, is a CeMAP qualified broker himself, so we like to think we know a thing or two!. . Here is a quick rundown of what Mortgage Brokers need to know when arranging their PI insurance [Read Full Article]

3 Key Steps to Cyber Security

April 30, 2017

Simple steps small businesses can take to protect from cyber and data threats. ProfilePI, is a leading UK provider of cyber insurance to small businesses. Our clients are increasingly asking us what steps they can take to protect their business from a cyber or data breach, what are the consequences of a breach and what support can they expect should [Read Full Article]

How Entrepreneurs Can Manage Their Risk

April 20, 2017

The UK has had a resurgence in entrepreneurship in recent years with many people starting their own business. As MD and co-founder of ProfilePI it is exactly what I did.. . This is happening for a number of reasons.. . The sharing economy or the ‘gig economy’ has made it easier than ever to start up in business for yourself. More [Read Full Article]

What To Do When a PI Claim Is Made

April 10, 2017

It is the one thing every business person dreads. They receive a letter or email of complaint from a customer. They are unhappy with your work and are bringing a formal claim for damages against you. We have spoken to many clients at this time and it is never a pleasant time for them. Thankfully, the experts at ProfilePI are [Read Full Article]

Coworking insurance and keeping your business secure in shared office spaces

March 30, 2017

ProfilePI, is the UK’s leading provider of insurance to businesses operating in coworking spaces. We are proud to have developed a bespoke insurance package over the last three years.. . We are a big fan of coworking spaces, the strong communities they build and the inspiring environment they provide for some of the UK’s fastest growing and innovative businesses [Read Full Article]

Why insurance should be an early purchase for Start-up Businesses

February 21, 2017

ProfilePI, is a leading specialist in Professional Indemnity Insurance and we insure many Start-up businesses  across the UK, from App Developers to Events & Marketing businesses to Freelancers and Consultants.. . Starting a business is always an exciting time and most entrepreneurs are focused on growing their business, developing their product or service proposition and marketing.. . What is apparent to [Read Full Article]

Cyber Security is not just about Technology Defences

July 31, 2015

Cheshire, UK. 81% of large businesses and 60% of small businesses all suffered a cyber-security breach in 2014.. . Most days, we read stories about Cyber Security Breaches, but it is rarely understood what a Cyber Breach is. The following list helps to demystify the threats faced:. . Theft of intellectual property/commercially sensitive information. Business interruption. Data and software deletion [Read Full Article]

Profile PI Launches Graduate Recruitment Scheme

June 15, 2015

Cheshire, UK. Profile PI has today launched its new graduate recruitment scheme designed to attract the best and brightest to join us in becoming the future stars of the insurance industry.. . As a specialist provider of Professional Indemnity and Cyber Insurance, Profile PI is committed to providing the very best service and support to clients. Attracting, investing and training the [Read Full Article]