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Coworking insurance and keeping your business secure in shared office spaces

ProfilePI, is the UK’s leading provider of insurance to businesses operating in coworking spaces. We are proud to have developed a bespoke insurance package over the last three years.

We are a big fan of coworking spaces, the strong communities they build and the inspiring environment they provide for some of the UK’s fastest growing and innovative businesses. We insure clients the full length of the UK in coworking spaces and we are pleased to partner with many champions of coworking, such as

Coworking spaces are secure and safe places to work, with most operating manned reception desks or key card access. However, shared office space does bring some extra considerations compared to working in a traditional enclosed office. We wanted to highlight some considerations for all business to be mindful of:

  • Data protection is becoming increasingly important. In 2018 new data protection laws will impose severe fines and penalties for businesses of all sizes who are negligent with data. If you have sensitive data on your computer, always be sure to lock your screen if you go to grab a coffee. Try to avoid leaving it unlocked or unattended. ProfilePI customers in coworking spaces have data insurance included within their policy as standard should the worst happen.
  • WiFi networks can be unsecure. Check to ensure that the WiFi network is protected. If you are processing customer transactions or taking payment over WiFi networks, speak to the space operator to check the  level of security they operate.
  • Open plan offices feel spacious, but they may not always give you privacy when needed. If you are taking banks details over the phone, try to avoid reciting these back. Be mindful of anyone who may be able to see your screen if you are doing online banking. Most coworking spaces have meeting rooms, so if you need some extra privacy, grab a room for any sensitive work.
  • Unlike other insurance companies, ProfilePI will insure your laptops, tablets and phones in a coworking space. However it is important to still take precautions with your important business equipment. Even if you are grabbing a coffee or having a quick comfort break, close laptop screens, take your phone with you and put the tablet in your bag. We are pleased to report that based on our experience insuring coworking spaces for many years, they are very safe and secure places.
  • Most coworking spaces provide lockers, sometimes for a small charge. If you plan to leave your equipment in the space overnight, we would encourage the use of a locker, especially for any items of value. They are also handy if you are out of the office for a period of time, on lunch or in meetings to keep items secure and to save you lugging all your kit around every time you leave!

We are passionate about supporting coworking spaces and communities. If you would like to know more about how we can protect coworking spaces, please get in touch!


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